About Us

Who We Are

San Francisco-Focused Real Estate Investment Company

American Realty & Construction was established and licensed in 1975. Our mission is to help our clients create and preserve wealth by providing the best real estate investment sales, property management, financing research and advisory services available. Our Investment professionals are able to provide clients with an unparalleled perspective on the investment real estate market locally, regionally and nationally. Included in these transactions were Apartment Complex, Shopping Center, R & D Warehouse/Office, Hotel, and Land.

What We Do

Full Services Real Estate Company


A developer that has been successfully delivered projects in San Francisco over the past 40 years.


An investment syndicator capable of pooling funds at the hundred million dollars scale.

Property Management

We manage our captive investments. If you are looking for your home in San Francisco contact us. From high rise modern to century old traditional, we have a place for you.


We represent the investment group at purchase. We leverage our network to access new deals and find top clients for the investments we manage (State Bird, Wise Sons, Lord Stanley, Boba Guys, etc.)

What We Provide

Proven Investment Strategy

American Realty & Construction Inc. focused on owning and operating investments in niche real estate sectors. We believe in value creation through:

Aggregation & Scale

Aggregating portfolios of niche real estate assets, which often trade in non-competitive transactions, provide executions at more attractive prices, and benefit from professional management and economies of scale.

Long-Term Orientation

Investing for Thirty-Five ears horizon allows us to pursue long-term value creation strategies, unlocks multiple monetization options and reduces sensitivity to market timing and economic cycles.

Management Expertise

Attracting and developing industry-leading management personnel possessing the talent and experience to provide the highest level of acquisitions, operations, asset management, transaction and tax structuring, due diligence, capital markets, accounting, and financial reporting.